Tuesday, September 25, 2012

butter London HRH

Hey - I'm completely ecstatic because I got a stateside friend to let me use her address to ship my Coterie order! They are a cosmetic sale company that had the most amazing deal - three butter London polishes (you got to choose from 6) and either a Matte Finish top coat or a Hardwear top coat for $36. But wait, if you used the promo code, you got $25 off. So essentially, when I factor in shipping to me, I'm getting all that for $20. Considering that if I was going to buy one from Canada it would be $17, I couldn't pass that up. So I'm getting Knackered, Bluey and West End Wonderland with a Matte top coat! Unfortunately that sale is over, but I think that they will have more awesome sales in the future. I just hope they decide on international shipping.
In honour of my butter London high today, I decided to wear HRH - a pretty purple with a blue flash.
I actually got this as a swap extra - can you imagine that? I was super excited to open that package!
It applied like a dream - this is three coats. It was hard to get an accurate colour at night, which is when I usually paint my nails and they look the best.
I'd love to see how this compares to Zoya Suri. It's on my list of polishes to get so maybe I'll do a comparison post when I have both.

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