Sunday, September 23, 2012

Erica's Challenge Day 9 - French Tip Variation

Aloha polish people! Today I'm showing you my two favourite polishes from probably my favourite indie maker of all time. Enchanted Polish has awesome holos and multichromes so fabulous it would give you a polishgasm. I ordered Ocean Potion and Awesomeness from Harlow and Co. before they were discontinued. There is no way I will ever part with them.
For my variation on the French Tip I attempted a chevron design. I hate how it turned out. The lines aren't as crisp as I would like. I can only get better right?
My pinkie is a total blob. This was the better hand, my right hand is a disaster.
Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge. I'm rather bummed about it - it was motivating to participate with others. Erica says she'll do more, and I'll be the first to sign up!

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