Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Erica's Challenge Day Four - Saran Wrap

Quick post today - Saran wrap was the texture of choice today in the Erica's Nails challenge (those of you just joining us, her blog is in my blogroll -->
I went for a subtle look - I didn't want extreme marble city on my nails. I started with Zoya Quinn, a deep berry red, and used China Glaze's Swing Baby over top. I then dabbed the excess Swing Baby off, which left me with this.
It's interesting to look at I must say. It reminds me of velvet for some reason. It also appears I need to invest in some other method of clean up - I use q-tips right now and it's not looking so hot. Any suggestions?

In other EXCITING news, I saw the first promo pics of the Holiday Zoya Collection. It's called Ornate, and it has 6 sparkle-tastic shades!
I think I need Blaze and Aurora....and Logan and Ziv...or maybe all of them. Better start saving those pennies now!

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