Sunday, September 16, 2012

Erica's Challenge Day 2 - Favourite Animal

Now I've been excited for this since I read the challenge list. Why you ask? Because it's not animal print per se, it's your favourite animal. My favourite animal is clearly my cat - so I used his 'colour palette' as inspiration for these nails.

My baby, Indiana Dingus Jones, is completely black. That made for super boring nails - but his collar is a silver glitter extravaganza. So I used NOPI Razzle Dazzler for my black base (the name of that polish is deceiving, no?) and stamped using BM 316 and Zoya Trixie. I realized after I uploaded my pictures that my cleanup was atrocious, so I'm sorry for the people reading this that had to scratch their eyes out after looking at this.

These nails actually got the seal of approval from the boyfriend, so all in all I'm impressed. Now, I must include a bonus photo of my fur-baby! Here he is after adventuring up the fridge and claiming the top of the cupboards for all kitteh kind.

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  1. I love how unique your interpretation of yesterday's challenge was! And you have a cute kitteh!