Saturday, September 15, 2012

Erica's Nail Challenge - Day 1

Here it goes! Day one - my favourite colour. I love purple - my phone is purple, my notebooks are purple, my pencil case is purple. If my boyfriend would let me paint my car purple, I would. So naturally, I purpled the heck out of my nails. Now I know this is a nail art challenge, but I am completely art-tarded. So until I need to art, I will not. I will stamp! I used Zoya Mimi and NOPI Light my Candle.
As you can see, I've used Mimi a fair bit in the year that I've had her. The only polish I've used more is Zoya Dannii. Here is the most colour accurate photo I could get today of Mimi on her own.
She's so pretty! I used my old camera today because I lacked batteries for the new one.
Then I stamped using BM 314 and Light my Candle.
It's not my best, but it will do I suppose. I'm super excited for tomorrow so I'm impatient I guess. I'm also mad I couldn't get a colour accurate photo....grrr. Maybe on day 10 I'll revisit purple.

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