Monday, September 24, 2012

Erica's Challenge Day 10 - Recreate Your Favourite

Well, here we are! The last day of the challenge :( 
It's bittersweet, because now I can swatch polishes again. However it's nice to participate in a community where we have something in common. Like a decent clip of nail enthusiasts, this hobby has gotten me through some tough times, and because I'm a shy person, I haven't gotten involved like I could have. But this experience has created friends for me, and I'm truly blessed to have met the people involved.
Partly Cloud with a Chance of Lacquer did a braided mani for the favourite season day, and I've been itching to try it ever since. I used A-England St. George on my nails, then did the braided accent of St. George, Princess Sabra and Tristam. I think I actually nailed it!
I love love LOVE these colours together...A-England is so unique! I even think my photos are getting better too! Win-win! I know I've stepped up the game on my clean up - it's still not great but it's getting there.

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