Thursday, September 20, 2012

Erica's Challenge Day 6 - Polka Dots!

I love me some spotted nail goodness. For someone who loves dots so much, you'd be surprised to know that I don't own a dotting tool...I'm an embarrassment to a nail art challenge. Don't worry, I will rectify this problem.
I really wanted to wear Zoya Myrta, which I just got half price! This completed my Surf collection! My OCD makes me very keen on finishing collections.
Something that stuck with me from childhood is that orange and blue go together, a la complementary colours. So I decided to Konad stamp polka dots using A-England Tristam. Unfortunately, I anticipated Tristam to be more opaque, but I still think it looks acceptable. pinkie looks all kinds of jacked up. It looks fine in real life I swear.
Tomorrow's challenge is flowers, and I'm probably going to have to stamp....again. I am truly an abomination!

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