Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Go Pink! Wednesday and September Haul!

Well well, after a week of devastating midterms, I am back to posting!
There is a blogger named Andrea over at the blog Finger Painting Fingers who is doing a Go Pink! challenge to support breast cancer. At her site, there is also a link to an indie polish brand (Perception Nail Lacquer) who is selling a polish she help create. Part of the proceeds go to the New Mexico Cancer Center.
So in honour of this, today is Go Pink! Wednesday and we are to paint our fingers PINK! I didn't do nail art because I was pressed for time, but I used Zoya Happi.
Happi is such a pretty colour! It is a bubblegum pink with serious gold flashes.
I actually got it by mistake, thinking it was Reece. Lucky for me, because I actually like Happi better. It's part of Zoya's Reverie Collection, which I happen to own all of :)
Now on to my September haul....which after I took all the photos was much more extensive than I thought it would be.
First, the polishes I actually bought.
 At Trade Secret, I had to get Everybody Loves Oktoberfest - it's an epic polish. I also grabbed Myrta and Elisa on sale in the half off bin. I think Elisa being in there was a mistake, but I'm not complaining!

 To my surprise, Winners had the OPI Germany Collection as well. I grabbed Deutsch You Want Me Baby? (sorry for the crappy light in the shot) and China Glaze Unpredictable, both for awesome prices.

 I'm really digging these new Essence Colour and Go polishes my Shoppers Drug Mart has. I didn't buy the old ones, but Chic Reloaded and Grey-t to Be Here really spoke to me. You can kind of see the pink flash Grey-t has!

I got my two Pretty and Polished Lemmings from a FB sale group! Here's Sand Art and Jawbreaker.
 I originally just bought Polished Perfection Leaping Lizards from Epic Nail Time's blog sale, but she sent me Polished Perfection Easy Peasy and Fever Lacquer There Is No Odyssey as well! Much love to Caitlin!

And then there was Rainbow Honey! I picked up some mini's since I'd never used them before, but I love love LOVE them! This is A Little Kindness, Ephemeral, Wistful and Celestia.

I also did a wee bit of swapping, and I'll save the best for last :)

On MUA, I swapped and got Girly Bits Daddy's Little Girl and China Glaze Sweet Hook.
Drumroll please.............
A great swapper in Belgium picked me up some Catrice polished I'd been lemming for quite some time!
We have Captain Sparrow's Boat, Steel My Heart, Steel My Soul, Dirty Berry, George Blueney, and Essence Just In Case!

Wow...that was a lot of polishes. Anything you guys want to see?


  1. A beautiful pink manicure. I'm in awe of the Catrice polishes! I only have one and I loved it! (Dirty Berry, it is amazing)

  2. I love this pink! So pretty and I love how it shifts to gold! I'm so jealous that you own Jawbreaker, my friend just bought and I'm kicking myself for not caving in to peer pressure ;-)

  3. What a pretty pink you have there. And nice hauls!

  4. Sweet haulage!! This is the 2nd time I see Happi, I seriously want it badly now!