Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday - Zoya Renee and OPI I Lily Love You

Oh hai there!
I'm doing this a bit early, but I actually did my pink mani the day before and I wanted to put it up before I inevitably chip it.
I love Zoya Renee - it's hot pink, but its deeply saturated and has more of a medium pink hue. It's more of a red-pink than blue-pinks, which I usually prefer.
To add some zazzle to this boring creme, I topped it with my new arrival - I Lily Love You! It came in a swap yesterday and I just had to incorporate it into Pink Wednesday!
It seems that London has become a complete storm cloud - it has rained here for at least a week. My indoor lighting does not really work so well for taking pictures.
I also took a shot of my whole hand in hopes to get the colour close - although in the photos I'm using it's actually right! Huge victory!


  1. I feel ya - it's rainy and dark here too:( Not good for the photographs! This looks pretty though. I have wanted to pick up I Lily Love You for my friend because her daughter's name is Lily but I can't find it anywhere.

  2. Here the weather is also bad :( Lovely mani :)