Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OPI Super Bass Shatter over Pink Friday

Ello, I had a major, major nail fail today. I broke off half of my middle nail - no kidding, it's half. I'm trying to figure out how to swatch it (since my right hand is usually messier and has a short ring fingernail), but luckily I photo'ed this before the epic break.
I didn't take a picture of Pink Friday on it's own - mostly because it looked awful on me! I'm too pale for it. Now if it was summer, and I had my tan, it might have been another story. It just wasn't working for me. The problem I have is I like it a lot under the shatter. Decisions, decisions.
This is making me miss my nail :(  It's bizarre enough for me to have them. That's why I got into nail polish, because I'm a compulsive nail biter/cuticle picker. On the flip side, I hate it when I chip them. So if I don't bite them, they don't chip, and the look pretty for longer.
This nail turned out the best - I used a thicker coat, which I prefer. I'm so cranky now, I just got a whole lot of new polish I wanted to swatch too!

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