Monday, January 30, 2012

Nicole by OPI - Kim-pletely in Love...nubbins and all

Well, I hunted this polish down like a pro. I got the last one my Wal-Mart had. And while I do like it, because it is work appropriate and all, it didn't photo worth beans for me.
Unfortunately, I photoed my left hand - it's way easier for avert your eyes. This level of nail carnage is only for the strong hearted.
It' I hate you nubbin!!!!
I know the cool thing about this pink is that there is blue shimmer running through it, but for some reason, mine is all stuck to the side of the bottle. Maybe it had been laying there for a while. Either way I'm glad I got this bad boy for my stash. It will be well used when I'm working I'm sure.

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