Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orly Flirty

Look who's alive!! It's me!! Here with my favourite polish OF ALL TIME!

I'm a real pink lover, and this is my favourite pink. I also don't think it gets enough love. From last summer's Happy Go Lucky collection, here's Flirty! (and a cameo from angel and Febreeze)
This is what I wanted Pink Friday to be - just a speck lighter though. 
It's bright enough to look good with my skin tone, and the awesome shimmer is a welcomed bonus!

Yeah, I just chopped my nails down so the nubbin wasn't so lonely. I'm rather fond of how they look right now actually. They'll never be perfect though....

Orly and I have a hit and miss relationship - some are like this which I'd never do without (Au Champagne and Royal Navy for example). Others are very "meh" and unoriginal to me. 
I have so much stuff I want to post! I just don't know where to start - there always seems to be another new package in my mailbox which makes me forget about all the other wonders I have.

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