Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Two - Zoya Gwin

Hi y'all - I'm so excited to wear this lady! I got this around Christmas in a swap and I held off from using it until now. I just looked at it in the bottle, and fell more in love everyday.
This was my best attempt to catch the green/yellow flash that is in the bottle
So pretty! I don't wear orange a lot, but it is my favourite! I'm waiting for Lana in the mail so maybe there will be a faceoff.
This is kind of a blahh shot but it's the best on at this angle. It looks much better....
Maybe tomorrow I will get it in the sunlight because...
I got my first llarowe order which had Princess Tears and Ascalon! I want to photo my swatches in the sun to try them out. Naturally I would get these right after I started the challenge...I always have my toes to paint!

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