Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day Five - Nubar Blue Hydrangea and Revlon Whimsical

I got this idea from the blog Caitt's nails - which layered Glitter in the Air over Blue Hydrangea...I'm too poor to afford the Lippmann, but I have the knockoff and today seemed like the perfect day to wear it.
 I'm ready to lose the two followers I do have over these next photos - my pointer finger is severely red and gross looking, and my middle finger isn't much better.
It hurts just looking at it.
Hidden equals better! I must have been stress picking my cuticles - I do that a lot without realizing it.
...Caitt's looks better I think!


  1. Looks great hun, it's an awesome combo!

  2. I'm a serious cuticle picker too, not so much now that I'm not a nail biter and that I'm blogging (it's a good think I don't photograph my right hand though...). One thing I can suggest is, at night put a bandaid with polysporin over your hangnails/sore cuticles. They won't get 100% better overnight, but if you do it a few nights in a row you will see a huge difference! I do it at night because during the day it's just a pain, especially when you're washing your hands often. Give it a try! :D